In need of shelter? Please contact the Homeless Connection Line at (804) 972-0813.

Back to School Season

This week kids returned back to school for another year of learning. Before gearing up for the new school year, children at our Espigh Family Shelter received backpacks full of school supplies from St. Peter Baptist Church. In addition to St. Peter Baptist Church, several community partners deliver school supplies throughout the year so that clients have access whenever they first arrive at the shelter.

For many children experiencing homelessness, it can be challenging to attend school in their original district. HomeAgain is fortunate to partner with McKinney-Vento liaisons in the surrounding school districts. It is our priority to minimize the disruption of a housing crisis on every child’s education. While staying at HomeAgain, children have the option to attend the local schools. However, the family and child are given the choice to continue attending their school prior to staying at HomeAgain. Transportation is provided to their selected school during their shelter stay. 

Our clients have a safe shelter and a fully stocked backpack and are ready to learn. Wishing our clients, and all kids in Richmond, a safe and successful school year!