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Client Shares Hope for Future

Rodney Mosley knew when he was in the 11th grade that he wanted to follow in his older brother’s footsteps and join the navy. At age 18, he enlisted and spent the next 8 years serving the nation. He said, “I got to see a lot of the world I never would have got to see without the military.”

After his service, Rodney worked as a construction worker, but was laid off during the recession; consequently, he lost his apartment. “I started couch hopping and staying with friends. Then I was sleeping in churches. It was tough and sometimes scary.” He remained in this state for 5 years before making his way to the VA Medical Center because of health issues.

“The VA addressed issues that I didn’t even know I had. I really have to praise them for that,” he said.

He was then put in touch with HomeAgain and is now on the way to gaining housing. “I had never heard of HomeAgain before in my life. They took me in and gave me some dignity about myself again. They brought me up out the gutter.”

“HomeAgain is a good place… a great place. I’m two weeks away from moving into my home. It’s a success because I didn’t give up,” he added.

Rodney expresses his pride in getting help and finding a new home, but he also feels anxious about being on his own again. “I’m nervous, but it’s a new beginning. I know that I will never be homeless again.”

When asked how he’s sure that he will never experience a housing crisis again, he elaborated saying, “I will be more responsible. HomeAgain provides financial advice and now I have the tools to not be on the streets.”

As Rodney moves into a place of his own, he looks forward to picking up old hobbies. He said, “I love fishing! I just love putting hooks in the water. I like cooking, too – Especially my homemade spaghetti.”

He cannot wait to be housed and stay housed. “You’ve got to want to help yourself and want to be independent again. I’m going to start enjoying life; for years, I just existed. I wasn’t really living.