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Mental Health Awareness: Talk About It, Be About It

There are many things that contribute to the choices we make. Rather it be an event in your childhood, a traumatic memory, or even a biological difference -there are always things that motivate our actions. Some people are able to recognize these motivations while others struggle to cope.

Mental health, whether it is biological or psychological, is a real and ever present thing in this world. In my short time interning at HomeAgain, I have seen a variety of mental illness. These diseases range from depression and anxiety to bipolar and schizophrenia. Though some mental illness may not seem as serious as others, they are still just as important, and this is something we can not ignore. Treating mental illness can be the difference between beginning a new life or ending a life, or in the case of our clients, living in a chaotic manner or maintaining a stable home. There are many services out there dedicated to helping those in need. I believe focusing more on issues surrounding mental health will better the outcome for many people within this vulnerable population.