In need of shelter? Please contact the Homeless Connection Line at (804) 972-0813.

Ending Veterans Homelessness

On November 11, 2015, The Honorable Terry McAuliffe, Governor of Virginia, announced an end to functional homelessness in Virginia. That means that every US Veteran in Virginia who may become homeless, has an option for shelter or housing if he or shelter or housing if he or she so chooses. Aligned with our partners across the Richmond Continuum of Care, HomeAgain played a key role and served as an essential resource to achieve this.

HomeAgain provides the most comprehensive transitional housing program for Veterans in our Region.

The customary length of stay in transitional housing is up to two years. However, we a committed to helping the Veterans housed in our facility to find permanent housing much sooner, giving Veterans who are on the street a safe place to live while they too, look for permanent housing.

Mr. R is a Veteran who has been without stable housing for a very long time. After missing a few rent payments, his landlord decided to barter with him for maintenance services in exchange for housing and keeping a roof over his head. Soon after, the landlord’s property went into foreclosure, rendering Roget homeless. He turned to HomeAgain and found help and safety at the Veterans Transitional Housing Program, located on the grounds of McGuire Veterans Hospital.