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Four Benefits of Working with a Housing Agency

Written by: John Cerreto, Housing Cultivation Specialist
There are a lot of property groups and landlords that help the homeless community and want to provide help to those in crisis situations. Most of the time, property groups see just a possible tenant even though they are helping a homeless family or single out. They do not see the benefits of working with a housing agency.
  1. Advertisements – We can ask property groups and landlords if they would like to be shared via communications and social media stating that they have been part of the HomeAgain community and thanking them for their help in the homeless community. This not only raises their profile but is considered free advertising for their organization and will reduce advertising costs.
  2. Guaranteed Tenants – HomeAgain can provide a pipeline of tenants if a property group or landlord has a bad experience with a past HomeAgain client. We do not want to promote eviction of our clients, but if worst comes to worst, we can fill an empty vacancy with another client. This will give the property owner a level of comfort and steadiness due to their need of keeping tenants in housing so they do not lose monthly rent money.
  3. Liaison – Property owners will have a direct line of communication via the housing cultivation specialist. The housing cultivation specialist will be their main point of contact with any issues they may come across with their client. After housing a client, landlords can sometimes think they are taking over responsibility of that client. We want the property owner to know that they have a comfortable, personal contact they can reach if they have any questions or concerns.
  4. Filling Vacancies – While interviewing a property manager, we found out that property groups need to fill 80% of their vacancies to make a profit on their complexes. By stating this, we can tell a property manager that we can fill any vacancies they may have. We can compare the amount of clients we have to the amount of vacancies they have. This will show the landlords a scale of how much we can help them meet financial goals. In the end we can put property groups over 80% capacity to help their end game of making a profit.