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HomeAgain Covid-19 Response

With your help, HomeAgain is doing everything that we can to keep our staff and clients safe from the spread of Covid-19 and other infections diseases. This is especially important when you consider that the people we serve do not always have the luxury of social distance or isolation.
HomeAgain follows the guidance of the CDC and the National Alliance for Homelessness for preventing and managing the spread of infectious disease in our shelters. Our shelters are kept clean and are regularly sanitized. We have worked to increase our supply of sanitation supplies such as hand sanitizer, bleach and disinfectant wipes. Some of the active measures we are taking include maintaining an active cleaning schedule, further limiting access to the shelters from outside individuals, implementing protocols to ensure proper hand sanitation, and temporarily closing our administrative offices.
We all know that a major medical issue, like contracting Covid-19, can be an expensive and traumatic setback in almost anyone’s life. Our clients live with an increased risk of exposure because of the communal nature of shelter living. They also often face a higher risk from the effects of any virus they are exposed to because of the health problems often brought on by the stress of being homeless. We will need your help to get through this. We welcome any donations of cleaning supplies that you might be able to spare. Additional monetary donations to help us cover the added costs associated with keeping our clients safe during this national crisis are also always appreciated.
We are especially grateful for everyone that has reached out to offer additional help so far. HomeAgain appreciates the sacrifices being made by our supporters to ensure that the people we serve are kept safe during this time of important transition in their lives.
Please reach out to if you have any questions or if you would like to arrange a donation drop-off.