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Dominion Virginia Power and Project:HOMES Weatherize Family Shelter

HomeAgain, one of the most comprehensive providers of the Greater Richmond Continuum of Care, is improving the energy conservation of its largest shelter with the help of project:HOMES and Dominion Virginia Power’s EnergyShare Weatherization Program. The agency also recognizes the work done by Nexant, a subcontractor for Dominion, as the shelter becomes more energy efficient.
HomeAgain’s Executive Director, Lorae Ponder, said “We are extremely grateful for this opportunity. We appreciate all of the work by project:Homes and the investment made by Dominion that made it all happen.”

The Espigh Family Shelter is a 27-bed facility, which provides the support and safety that families and individuals, who are experiencing a housing crisis, need in order to gain stability. HomeAgain’s team works with clients to set goals while addressing any existing barriers to employment, financial security, and housing.

Project:HOMES, in cooperation with Dominion Virginia Power, are bringing energy conservation to HomeAgain. By improving the energy efficiency of the shelter, the quality of life for residents will improve while reducing energy costs. These savings will allow the shelter to utilize its resources for other purposes.

In this partnership, the lighting will be improved with LED light bulbs and retrofits on existing fixtures. Installing water-saving shower heads and aerators will conserve both energy and water. Finally, in the basement and the shelter’s three attics, air sealing will close off openings around plumbing and electrical penetrations. Once this sealing is complete, each attic will be insulated to the appropriate energy efficiency standards, which will improve the entire building’s efficiency.

Dominion Virginia Power’s EnergyShare Weatherization Program is enabling local weatherization service providers, like project:HOMES, to complete conservation work on unique facilities. Buildings like the Espigh Family Shelter, because of structure and function, do not fit the typical multifamily programs available for energy conservation.

Project:HOMES celebrates 25 years of service in the Greater Richmond area and rural communities. Energy conservation is one cornerstone of the agency’s commitment to the community.

This special project will allow HomeAgain to continue its work in providing a broad spectrum of services that help individuals and families achieve stability in safe, affordable, and permanent housing. In the past fiscal year, HomeAgain housed 721 individuals to include 136 children.