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Meet our New Intern: Micaela Hernandez

Meet  Micaela Hernandez!

Micaela is currently attending Virginia Commonwealth University to obtain her bachelors in Social Work. This is what she shared with us her first week in: “I am super interested in working with military families overseas and learning more about different cultures. My passion is throwing myself into new experiences and learning new customs. I am also very passionate about many social justice issues, such as women rights, immigrant rights and the LGBTQ+ community. This will be my first experience within a organization focused on homelessness but I hope to make a positive impact in my time here and I am always eager to listen.”


Welcome Micaela to HomeAgain, we are so excited to have you working with us!



If you are a Social Work student in Richmond, and you are looking for a fall, spring or summer internship with us, visit us at: