In need of shelter? Please contact the Homeless Connection Line at (804) 972-0813.

Meet Our New Intern: Yasmin Duarte

Yasmin is a Senior at Virginia Commonwealth University obtaining a degree in International Studies with a concentration in Social Justice, as well as a minor in Spanish. With a long-term passion for languages and different cultures, Yasmin has previously worked for the Embassy in Brazil and plans to one day live in Germany. Yasmin plans to use her degree to work in the government following her December 2018 graduation.


While at HomeAgain, Yasmin has focused on a growing demographic of individuals experiencing homelessness – seniors. From conducting research to attending community-wide events, Yasmin has been able to gain a deeper, “knowledge of what homelessness really is and what HomeAgain is doing to fight it.”


Thanks for all you do for HomeAgain, Yasmin!