In need of shelter? Please contact the Homeless Connection Line at (804) 972-0813.

Being a part of the solution, one household at a time.

Through our clients’ experiences, we are able to see that homelessness is a unique to each of them. While many may struggle with similar barriers, no intervention will be the same. All around the country, and in every community, solutions are being implemented to better streamline the resources for those who are experiencing homelessness. The National Alliance to End Homelessness has published a list of solutions, * that combined, will allow our community to better serve those in need. And HomeAgain’s mission has always been intertwined with these solutions at its core.

Here are the solutions:

Coordinated Approach: In Richmond, our community is supported thanks to the Greater Richmond Continuum of Care. * We see delivering services as a community-wide effort, from emergency shelter and housing support, to surrounding services to help assess and address clients’ barriers. HomeAgain actively participates in the community by providing emergency shelter, housing solutions and community case management to over 800 individuals in a year. *

Housing as the solution: Our community is housing -focused. We believe housing to be transformative, empowering individuals to connect with services and opportunities thanks to the relief of having a roof under the heads. Rapid-rehousing is designed to link our clients quickly to housing opportunities. HomeAgain provides rapid-rehousing to individuals and families experiencing homelessness. Click here to read more about our Rapid-rehousing services.

Designing a crisis response: Our community is committed to provide not only crisis services, but prevention services, too. The Housing Crisis Line (804- 972- 0813) is available for anyone experiencing a housing crisis. The service not only refers those experiencing homeless to shelter and housing solutions, but also connects those who may be in imminent risk of losing their housing with prevention resources. HomeAgain does its part by reporting bed-space to the crisis line every day to serve as many as possible.

Increasing employment and income: We understand that it does not suffice with only housing the homeless. To successfully sustain their housing, our clients must rely on the necessary income. With suitable employment and reasonable income, clients will have a better chance at successfully maintaining their housing. More income means more housing options available, and an opportunity for our clients to choose their housing based on their needs aside from money (accessible public transportation, grocery stores nearby, family friendly neighborhoods…). Our case managers emphasize employment and income as part of our clients’ housing stability plan. And in each facility, we provide access to internet and work stations to make job searching easier. We also facilitate budgeting and smart shopping workshops as well as keeping our clients up to date with the most current job postings and additional services they can access.

HomeAgain is committed to continue to be part of the solution to end homelessness. As a partner in the Greater Richmond Continuum of Care, we belong to a network of service agencies that are also eager to end homelessness in the community. You can also help our community end this plight by supporting our programs and/or volunteering!


*Visit the National Alliance to End Homelessness Website to read more in detail about these solutions nationwide:

*Total clients served in the fiscal year 2016-2017 was of 808 individuals.

*For more information on the Greater Richmond Continuum of Care, visit:

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If  anyone you know, is experiencing homelessness or a housing crisis, contact the Housing Crisis Line (804) 972 0813.