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HomeAgain Social Work Intern: Day 1


As a senior social work major from Longwood University, I was happy to start spending my days in the city of Richmond instead of little Farmville. Growing up in Chesterfield, Richmond was always a cool and exciting place to come and hang out with my friends for the day. We stayed on all the pretty streets with the pretty shops and good eats. We never really strayed far from Cary or Main. But just in the first week at being at Home Again I have seen the other less glamorous part of the city.

Though unfortunate, it is a part of the Richmond community. Social work majors are always big advocates for positive change in the community. With that being said I am very thankful to have the opportunity to be apart of such a positive agency. I am excited to meet and hopefully help the people who truly inhabit this city. I hope to explore more of the population HomeAgain serves, as well as the many other agencies  they work alongside. I have already learned so many new things about the place I was born 15 minutes away from.

In the future, I hope to work with children in crisis. I am excited to see what I can take away from this opportunity and hope that I will use what I learned as a future social worker.