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How Employers Can Prevent or Prolong Homelessness

As soon as you hit the age where you are legally able to work, you are constantly told to get a job and start making money. When you’re an adult and do not have a job then you are looked down on. You are seen as lazy and incapable.

During my time with HomeAgain, I have seen the the struggle that some of these individuals face when trying to find work. Many of these men are trying to begin again and start fresh. They may have negative things on their background or have a lack of experience. These men need a chance… and sadly they are seldom given one. Several jobs are requiring experience, but are refusing to provide that to individuals who they assume will not be reliable workers. Employers are quick to judge an applicant who admits that they are currently homeless or have not held a job in a few years.

Instead of ignoring this problem, we should be motivating and encouraging individuals to continue to search for employment and re-establish themselves into society. There are organizations like Staff Zone and Labor Finders that act as awesome resources for many of the guys we have here at the shelter. Though these positions are temporary, it is a beginning that helps them make money.

The dream of a fresh start can only be achieved by these men if someone is willing to give them a chance. Employment is key in ending the cycle of homelessness.