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Strength Transforms Setback into Opportunity

When her contracted employment ended in January, Ms. Logan was unable to find another job to help make ends meet. Bills quickly piled up, and when she could no longer afford the cost of living, she and her daughter began experiencing homelessness.

Having always maintained a safe home, Ms. Logan was devastated that she no longer had the means to care for her eight year old daughter. After coming to HomeAgain, she began to realize that her housing crisis was only temporary.

Coming to HomeAgain, Ms. Logan was motivated to find a home for her and her daughter. “Her strength kept me going,” she said. “I’ve never been the person to give up.” Eager to find a home to call their own, Ms. Logan worked tirelessly to find affordable, safe housing for her and her daughter.

“There are people that are still on the streets. I never wanted to be the person to be there (HomeAgain) longer than I had to, because someone else needs it.”

The case management and financial support she received from HomeAgain helped her transform a setback into an opportunity that propelled her family forward.  Today, Ms. Logan happily lives with her daughter in their own home. She is working full time and studying for her Commercial Driving License with a goal to work for GRTC.