In need of shelter? Please contact the Homeless Connection Line at (804) 972-0813.

Update on John and Amanda Staying Off the Streets

The story of John McNealy and his dog Amanda reached the hearts of many as a GoFundMe campaign was organized to help them. After a life of hurdles and obstacles, John found himself on the streets of the city with no one but Amanda. Your donations assisted HomeAgain in securing housing for John, but he is now in need of employment.

12498833_10208492271329115_677425476_n“People notice you’re homeless and they tend to paint a picture. I’m thankful that people got me off the streets, but I need a job,” John said.

He expressed sincere gratitude for having a place to call home, but also explained that his notoriety as a homeless man has made it harder for him to find work. “Employers recognize you as homeless and they don’t want to hire you then,” he said.

John has previously worked construction and as a dish washer and prep cook. He even has a resumé and cover letter ready to present potential employers. In his search for work, he shared that he will need a job that can be accessed by the bus line or that he can ride his bike to.

“All I need is an opportunity,” he added.

He is hopeful that he will find a job soon and that people in the area will be willing to give him a chance. When asked what fueled his ambition John explained that he wants to maintain his new housing so that he and Amanda can stay off the streets, out of the cold, and together in a home of their own.

“Amanda is my baby, my child. I’ve raised her since a puppy and she’s been with me for nine years. Without her I wouldn’t have made it.”