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A Single Dad’s Mission, Working for Family

Home Again_26 - CopyWilliam is a single father of two school-aged children. His family had been homeless for some time as he struggled to maintain employment. Desperate for help, he looked to Homeless Point of Entry and was referred to HomeAgain. The staff at our Espigh Family Shelter helped William secure a workable employment schedule and connected him with child-care resources for his children while he worked night shifts.

William and his children now live in an apartment of their own and he found the application/ approval process to be easier than expected. He shared, “Had it been me, on just my credit, and my credit alone I don’t even see them giving it to me. But the next day they approved me! So that’s just how fast it was, and I just think that was basically dealing with HomeAgain.”

Like so many others, William dispels one of the myths surrounding homelessness: Those people must not have jobs and they do not want to work. The work ethic he continues to show firmly contradicts that theory.

The truth is, those experiencing a housing crisis- just like you – want to work, earn steady income, and take care of their families. “The weight that was on my shoulders from the day that I came in here to now… it just lifted. I’m able to look forward,” he said.

We are so proud of William’s accomplishments!